Nutrition Advice

Highest quality nutrition advice

We are delighted to have Dietitian Kate Evelegh working here at North Street.

She is passionate about creating positive change and making a difference to the lives of people in the community.  Her nutrition knowledge and specialised skill set involves identifying nutrition deficits and developing individualised nutrition interventions to improve health outcomes or achieve specific health-related goals.

Her services include:

  • Assessment of individual nutritional and health needs
  • Nutrition Counselling and forming healthy eating habits
  • Developing nutrition plans, considering both preferences and budgets
  • Evaluating the effects of the nutrition plans and adapting as needed
  • Promoting improved health by communicating diet, nutrition, and the relationship between good eating habits and preventing or managing specific diseases

Book a long appointment to ensure a thorough discussion. The North Street team will work with you to maintain your peak wellness and longevity.

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Kate Evelegh
Kate is a Dietitian here at North Street offering a range of Nutrition Advice services. As an accredited practicing diet...
Kate Evelegh