Fees & Policies


Bulk billing at North St Medical for GP Services is available for the following patients:

  • Healthcare card holders
  • Pension Card holders
  • Children under 16 years of age

Please note that ALL SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS are charged at our private rate and WILL NOT BE BULK BILLED.

For private patients our fee’s are payable immediately after your consultation.

We use a mediclear terminal to get your medicare rebate back for you straight away so you are only out of pocket the gap fee.

If paid on the day, you are entitled to a discount on gap amounts. You can pay by cash, cheque or eftpos.

For the billing policy for our skin cancer checks, please click on the link: Skin Cancer Checks

If you would like to register as a new patient please contact us.

Fees and Charges

Current Private Billing Prices:

Upfront Medicare  Rebate
Standard Consultation Item 23 $78.00 $37.60
Long Consultation Item 36 $113.00 $72.80
Prolonged Consultation Item 44 $150.00 $107.15
Afterhours Consultation: $90-$160 Depending on the length of the appointment

An appointment with Body Potential Physiotherapy is $130 for initial consultation $94 for follow up consultation.

If you have Private Health they will refund you some of the costs associated with allied health visits. Please contact your fund to find out how much they will refund you.

We may refer you to an outside provider such as pathology/radiology and/or a specialist.

Please discuss the possible out of pocket expenses with your doctor.

Associated Costs

There are some out of pocket costs for some of our associated services.

  • Treatment room fees are applicable to items performed in the treatment room. These vary from $5 to $50 depending on complexity
  • School Entry Medicals $55
  • Medicals $110 + GST (for insurance or employment purposes)

Our Policies

Emergencies or “sick” today appointments

We have appointments each day which are set aside for people with ACUTE ILLNESSES. This service is for sick babies, patients with acute asthma, migraine, vomiting, eye injuries, acute urinary infections, and similar problems.

Your Test Results

For quality of patient care, we request that you make an appointment for a follow up visit with your doctor, results are not given out over the telephone.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are a legal document and our doctors do not back-date medical certificates for any reason. You need to be seen on the day, please call and discuss with reception.

Repeat Prescriptions

Most doctors are happy to provide repeat scripts over the front counter. Over the counter scripts do incur a fee & require at least 48hrs notice.

Urgent Phone Calls

If you wish to speak to your doctor, you may do so in an emergency. Calls will be intercepted by the nurse who will then transfer urgent calls to the doctor.

Notifications (SMS)

We are able to contact you by SMS for appointment reminders. If you would like to receive these SMS’s please update your contact details with reception.